Artículo sobre el trabajo de Salvador Gil Vernet en la ‘European Journal of Anatomy’

«Salvador Gil Vernet was a mid-twentieth-century Spanish anatomist and urologist who made highly significant advances in the field of urological anatomy with his studies on the topographic anatomy of the male pelvis and perineum. He was the first author in the twentieth century to precisely and accurately describe the anatomy of the external urethral sphincter, detrusor, posterior urethra and prostato-urethral musculature. In addition, his contributions to pelvic plexus neuroanatomy, with the description of the cavernous nerves and autonomic innervation of the external urethral sphincter, were used to develop a modern and less invasive surgical technique for treating urogenital disease. His research on the embryology and topographical anatomy of the prostate gland also helped him to define the first regional anatomical model of the prostate, which would act as the cornerstone for the development of current zonal anatomy. In this paper we present a summary of his most important discoveries, which have led him to be considered one of the pioneers of urological anatomy of the previous century.»

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